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Each year the Spirits' host a wide range of events to allow pilots to demonstrate their skill and show off what project they are working on. Each event has its own flavor catered to different aircraft, flying styles, and activities. If you can't find an event at Spirits that interests you, you are probably not interested in RC flying. Our events are always run by Spirits' Members that are responsible for the organization and execution of the event. Volunteers, club members and spouses, provide support for concessions, parking, pilot registration, raffles, etc. Events usually occur on Saturday mornings, some events are free for pilots, some have a small landing fee, check the event schedule below for dates and times. All pilots participating must present a current AMA card to fly.  A contest, by definition, implies competition.  An event is non-competitive.  A Fun-fly is competitive.  A Fly-In is non-competitive.

Spectators Always Welcome!

At Spirits' we welcome spectators with open arms. Our field is like having your own private park with an airshow happening in the middle. There is never any charge for spectators. Bring a lawn chair and stay for the day, with mature shade trees and a pavilion with ceiling fans you can beat the summer heat. Concessions are usually available during events and restroom facilities are available on site.

If you want to check out some of the aircraft, ask any of our pilot members, I'm sure they will be happy to talk with you and show you their aircraft.

You don't have to wait for an event... If the weather is nice there is usually someone at the field. Feel free to drop in on us anytime. The field is open from 9 AM till dusk every day. Click the Directions link in the blue bar above for directions to the field.

Reno-Style Pylon Racing-Four-Star-40 & Warbirds

Pylon racing reno-style, 10 laps around two pylons set 660 feet apart. See the race rules for each type of race for more details.


A popular .40 size, low-wing, nitro tail dragger. Must be kit-built or an ARF, assembled according to stock SIG Four-Star-40 plans. Equipped with an unmodified SuperTiger GS-40 engine. Think of NASCAR in the air. All of the planes are to be built as close to the same as possible to rely on the skill of the pilot to win the race.



Using R/C propeller driven aircraft modeled after propeller driven aircraft flown during WWII; or WWII aircraft which were later raced at Reno Unlimited Air Races. These races are fast, so fast that a minimum time limit is imposed. That's right you must fly at least 2 minutes. That's right 2 minutes for 10 laps. Fast furious fun.

All pilots must have a current AMA card and register to fly.

Helicopter invertedHelicopter Fun-Fly

The Spirits' host two helicopter fun-flys each year, one in the spring and one one in the fall. This event is open to all current Spirits and AMA members. A day of fun flying and watching all types of rotorcraft from all around. Helicopter clubs from across the Midwest come in to have a great time, share some stories, and look at all of the different flying machines. Spectators are always welcome and you will not be disappointed. from tri-copters to quadcopters, scale to stock, you do not want to miss some of the finest stick-banging 3D, autorotation demos, and sport flying in the area. For this event 6 pilot stations are set along the runway and the helipad is open for hover practice.

Landing Fee $15.00, includes lunch. All pilots must have a current AMA card and register to fly.

Tuesday NightTuesday Night Electrics

Through out the spring, summer, and fall those wonderful flying machines that turn electrons into a "quiet" noise, smiles, happiness and sadness meet at the Spirits Field to share stories, show off aircraft and fly in a nitro-free environment.

Of course electric aircraft are welcome anytime at Spirits. The tradition of Tuesday Night Electrics started as a time and place for pilots interested in electric aircraft could get together, learn form each other, and watch other electric aircraft fly. Now days electric aircraft are almost as common as nitro and gas aircraft.

If you have an electric plane or helicopter and want to talk to the electron wizards, come to Tuesday Night Electrics.

This is a club based event open to all current Spirits' Members and guests

Open HouseAnnual Open House

Every year the Spirit's host an Open House and invite pilots and spectators to come to the field for a day of late summer fun. flying and watching some of the best RC pilots in the area put on a show. Typically, Open House is the last Saturday in September each year, check the event schedule to verify the exact date.

We have plenty of parking and will typically have around 200 people attend to fly and just watch. Usually, we have a large scale 3D airplane flight and a 3D helicopter flight by some of members that are team sponsored. The show starts about 11:45 AM. You may want to bring a lawn chair and make a day of it.

Concessions are available.

No Landing Fee. All pilots must have a current AMA card and register to fly.

scale planeScale Fly-In

This event encourages all of the scale aircraft enthusiasts to bring their work to the field and show it off. The event is open to all types of scale aircraft.

Take the time to bring your favorite Warbird, civil aviation or other scale project out and share it with everyone at the field.

The field is open for regular flying during this event.

No Landing Fee. All pilots must have a current AMA card and register to fly.

January 1st Fun-Fly

Every year the Spirits' bravest members join in force against the elements to see who will be the first to fly in the New Year.

Bundle-up and join us beginning about 8:00 AM on January first, every year. First one to fly in the new year starts at 9:00 AM. We have FREE coffee, hot chocolate and donuts. The events happens rain (I should say snow) or shine. Besides it gives you something to talk about when the temperature is 98 degrees in June, July, and August.

No Landing Fee. All pilots must have a current AMA card and register to fly.

Annual Tailgate Swap-Meet

swap meet

Each year the Spirits host a swap meet at the field for modelers and hobbyists from around the area to bring whatever they have to sell, trade and buy from others. It is great place to find deals on everything from servos, to complete aircraft, and radios.

Concessions are available.

A portion of the gate proceeds always goes to charity.

There is a charge of $5.00 per car for entry to the field during the swap meet.

scoutsScout Day

The Spirits conduct many events during the year. The event that has the most impact on our hobby is Scout Day. During this event we invite local Cub and Boy Scout units to join us at the field for a day of flying fun and education.

Our staff of volunteer instructors take the boys through ground school teaching basic aeronautics and the nomenclature of many aircraft components and their operation. a basic discussion of aerodynamics and how flight controls work is also discussed.

Finally the boys get a chance to fly a model aircraft under the guidance of one of our instructors.

If you Cub or Boy Scout unit is interested contact us to see when our next Scout Day is, or possibly schedule your own.

All Scouts that fly are required to have an AMA Form 2 signed by a parent and turned in to a Spirits' Instructor prior to flying.

Reactor-electricElectric Fun-Fly

This Spirits' event showcases the developments in electric power for RC aircraft. Dozens of planes and helicopters all powered by electrons. No noise in the pits, because there are no nitro or gas engines today. You will see all kinds of aircraft and different setups for electric.

If you are interested in electric power and don't know where to start, this is where you need to be. Talk to the pilots, look at there setups, get some ideas, and embrace the power of the electron.

Landing Fee $5, All pilots must have a current AMA card and register to fly.

Documents useful for the conduct/operation of contests/events at Spirits'

Spirits' CD-Event Planning Guide

AMA- Application for Event Sanction

AMA- The AMA Radio Impound Standard

AMA- Application, Contest Director

AMA- Application for a Non-Flying Event Listing

AMA-Contest Director's report Form

AMA- Flight Safety Declaration Form

AMA- Membership Manual

AMA-Safety Code

Competition Regulations

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