Spirits Officers and Board of Directors

Position - Name        E-Mail Phone Number

Elected Officers:

President:- Ralph Grant president@spiritsofstl.com 636-542-3622
Vice President- Greg Bowles viceresident@spiritsofstl.com 314-420-9976
Secretary - Paul Geders secretary@spiritsofstl.com 314-838-1350
Treasurer (pro-tem) - Bill Lindewirth treasurer@spiritsofstl.com N/A

Board Members

Event Committee Chairman - Greg Bowles events@spiritsofstl.com 314-420-9976
Field Committee Chairman - Dave Brown field@spiritsofstl.com N/A
Safety Committee Chairman - Sid Kinzel safety@spiritsofstl.com 636-219-7629
Membership Chairman - Ralph Doyle membership@spiritsofstl.com 314-878-7914
Web Site Web-Master - Bill Lindewirth webmaster@spiritsofstl.com N/A
Newsletter Editor - Paul Geders newsletter@spiritsofstl.com 314-838-1350
Volunteered - Curt McIntyre volunteer@spiritsofstl.com 636-244-0069

Other Points of Contact:

Gallery Submissions gallery@spiritsofstl.com N/A
General / Flight Information info@spiritsofstl.com 636-542-3622
Items for Sale 4sale@spiritsofstl.com N/A

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