On this page we hope to share many RC projects of all types and sizes. A web series I watch a lot is Flite Test. These are some interesting guys always doing something new and interesting with the hobby. please share your projects and techniques including photos and video with the rest of the club by sending them to the Webmaster.

Check back often for new projects.

FT Bloody Wonder

The FT Bloody Wonder is the newest addition to the Flite Test Swappable Series! Inspired by Bloody Mick's FUNBAT and the Sig Wonder, the FT Bloody Wonder is a fast, fun, combat flyer made from a low cost of ADAMS foam board!
(aka: dollar tree foam board)

FT Bloody Wonder - Scratch Build Overview PDF

FT Bloody Wonder - Scratch Build plans 1 of 2 PDF

FT Bloody Wonder - Scratch Build plans 2 of 2 PDF

Swappable Fuselage for FT Bloody Wonder and Delta Wing

Swappable Fuselage plans PDF

Video for the fusealge assembly is in the Delta wing build video

Flite Test Delta Wing

Learn to build a swappable Delta wing! This Delta is designed for taking that next step in your RC flying offering the ability to do rolls, loops, inverted flight and more!

The third installment in the swappable airframes series is this Delta wing, designed with a unique KF airfoil step design. The KF step on this Delta is created with a folding technique that will offer for a clean scratch built design!

Flite Test-Delta Wing plans PDF

Delta step-by-step


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