Spirit's Flying Field!

Satellite View

Spirits Signage

Panoramic View of Site! All photos taken from an airplane were by Mike Roederer

View looking from the North to the South. 2001

600’ X 50’ Asphalt Runway with 24’ X 36’ Pavilion, and a Large Parking Lot.

This picture was taken prior to all the grass coming in.  Notice the 6 immature shade trees between the parking lot and behind the pit areas.

Notice the “V” taxiways with the pilot’s stations parallel to the runway in the middle of the “V”

Our 24' X 36' Pavilion from the air! 2001

Aerial view from the South side taken in the summer of 2004 showing Amrein road on right.

Closer view of the site...nice and green, well manicured and the Bradford Pear trees are getting bigger  !

View of the river bottom, and look at all the cars in the parking lot!

View looking almost due East!

Photos below were taken by Mike Roederer on December 28, 2010

Improvements include a new safety fence in front of the pilot's stations.

The addition of white gravel around the flagpole eliminates some grass cutting and is very neat, and easy to maintain.

Frequency board and taxiways to runway!

Stainless Steel clips used on Frequency Control Board built by Lee and Tim Volmert. 

Overview of a great improvement!

Preparations begin on sealing the asphalt, Sept 18, 2002

A "Zamboni" type sealer spreader!

These guys know what they are doing!


Almost done!


Isn't that terrific looking!

View looking West!

Panoramic View of the Field!

Mike Freymuth, Tony Eckstein and Daniel Swain setting new gates.  Mike and his
wife Donna (not in picture) provided powered post hole drilling equipment...and
weren't even members at the time.

Effort continues on gates donated by Jeff Harrison.  Work was performed on
August 10, 2005. Temperature was 97 degrees!

 A little "picture break" after setting the first gate.

Bob Gizzie rushes to get in picture being taken by Bob automatically.

 Ah...that's better!  And a job well done...on an extremely hot day.

February 6, 2009 "Rock Party"! (Photo's by Don Fitch and Bob Fiely)

Pavilion 2-22-09

Handicap Signs installed by John Matticker on 2-24-09

Photos below by Bob Gizzie show the resealing of the asphalt took place on Oct 5, 2009 and was re-striped on
Oct 7, 2009 by
the same company that did it in 2002...McConnell and Associates, 2646 Creve Coeur Dr, St. Louis,
 MO 63144-2122...$3168


Following photos by Carolyn Schlueter


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