Walt's "Yak 9T-37"

It's 1/8 scale.  Power is an O.S. .46 FX. Flies with four channels. 468 sq. inches of wing area.  All built-up balsa, spruce and plywood. The fuselage, fin and stabilizer are fiberglassed and painted.  The wing and control surfaces are covered with Worldtex.  The entire plane is painted with Chevron Perfect paints.  The light earth and light blue were mixed to match the documentation. The canopy was hand-formed from a two-liter Coke bottle.  It has fixed landing gear for reliability when used as a Warbird racer. Walt started designing it three years ago and worked on it between other projects.  It's entirely scratch-built from my own plans.  It's a model of the personal Yak 9T-37 flown by Rend Challe, a Frenchman in the Normandie-Niemen Regiment during 1944.  Walt built it as a "mule" for flight testing and a feasibility study.  It wasn't intended to be a judged scale model but was build for  Warbirds racing.

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