Walt's "Waco Aerobat 60"

This is Walt Wilson's Aerobat 60 size ARF, built in Germany by Jamara . 
Photo's taken by Walt Wilson (1st row and 1st one in second row), Carolyn Schlueter took all the rest, except the first one in the fourth row which was taken by Don Fitch. Suzi Wilson took the picture of Walt holding the airplane.

This is a Sportsman Aviation (formerly Jamara) Waco 60 ARF sold by Hobby People. Walt Wilson is doing a kit review for RC Modeler magazine.  Read all about it in a future issue. Walt, who is unable to go to the field due to a blood clot, asked Paul Geders to fly it for the first time to avoid holding up the review.  The Waco has a 58 inch wingspan and 1002 square inches of area.  The Magnum .61 XL engine more than enough power for great aerobatics.  The wing loading is 17.39 ounces per square foot, which puts it in "Gentle Flyer" category on George Cooper's Flight Performance Chart.
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