"Silver Swallows" Ozark Airlines Reunion Sept 14th, 2002 

Spirits helped make the Silver Swallows reunion a great success! 
Photo's by Walt Wilson

   Video Clip above provided by Linda Speh!           
Jim Lanzendorf's 1/3rd scale Edge 540 spent most of it's time in a "hover mode" as you can see in the video!  To see video, slide cursor over picture at right, and wait till it loads.

Steve Kissel's 1/3rd scale 540 Edge followed suit and even did some "tail touches"

Walt Wilson's Ki61 "Tony", and others, was on static display in the Confederate Air Force Hangar.

Scott Cathey's JR Vigor YS .80 powered 3D aerobatic helicopter "WOWED" the audience with every maneuver made! Simply unbelievable!

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