Members Aircraft!
Photos taken by Walt Wilson!
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LindseyHeli.jpg (114949 bytes)
Mike Lindsey's Newest Helicopter

LindseyHeli2.jpg (146825 bytes)
Mike Lindsey's Newest Helicopter

YellowBird Crew.JPG (31064 bytes)
Ralph Amelung &
George Cooper with Ralph's CAP.

BIPLANE.jpg (53999 bytes)
Bill Lindewirth's 1/4 scale Wayfield biplane.  Quadra 42, turning a 16 x 12 prop.  TME Simple Smoke System

George Holding Tecate crop.jpg (39741 bytes)
George Cooper's latest creation...Tecate Biplane.

TF P-40LF.jpg (59268 bytes)
Walt Wilson's
P-40 Warhawk

P-40LF.jpg (49336 bytes)

P-40RR.jpg (63153 bytes)

Ralphs Twin.jpg (409344 bytes)
Ralph's New Twin!
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dsc00002.jpg (179210 bytes) dsc00003.jpg (177162 bytes) dsc00004.jpg (175114 bytes) dsc00005.jpg (177162 bytes) dsc00006.jpg (177162 bytes)
dsc00008.jpg (178186 bytes) dsc00009.jpg (175114 bytes) dsc00007.jpg (176138 bytes) Don Fitch Gere Sport.jpg (420976 bytes)
Don Fitch and his "Gere Sport"
George_SE5.jpg (19095 bytes)
George's SE-5

dscf1683.jpg (400950 bytes)
Dave Bainter with his Balsa USA Enforcer built 15 years ago.

dscf1685.jpg (631443 bytes)
Dave preparing for the Enforcer flight.

dscf1686.jpg (646746 bytes)
Bill Lindewirth with his guest Craig Warren and his F-15 Ducted Fan.

dscf1690.jpg (462840 bytes)
Kevin Olson with his virgin P-51 Mustang Great Planes kit, OS .46FX engine.

dscf1689.jpg (456307 bytes)
Kevin's P-51 on the runway, 57" wingspan.
dscf1691.jpg (545065 bytes)
Ralph Amelung with his resurrected "Twinstar"
Twinman Ralph Amelung.jpg (389424 bytes)
Ralph's other Twin!
DSCF1903.jpg (189870 bytes)
George Cooper built all these beautiful "Spitfires"!
DSCF1905.jpg (203132 bytes) DSCF1911.jpg (204408 bytes)
godzilla.jpg (116088 bytes)
Ralph Amelung and his "Yellow Bird"
DSCF2016.JPG (348561 bytes)
Feb 1, 2004 Impromptu Snow Fly!
DSCF2017.JPG (343917 bytes)
George's Snow Bird!
Snowfly 3.jpg (672420 bytes)
Kevin's new Dazzler
Don Fitch turns over keys to Mister Mulligan. Ralph Amelung once again has raided Don's garage!

This thing looks real!

Jeff Muh's P-51

Fiberglass Fuse & Foam wing

100cc Gas Burner, Retracts, Flaps, the "Works"


Ready for Take-off!

Steve Cross's Goldberg "Ultimate" ARF!

54" Wingspan

O.S. 120 Surpass III with pump!

Steve Cross's Great Planes "Ryan STA" ARF!

82" Wingspan

Weighs 14.5 lbs

Powered by a G23!

Swings a Master Airscrew Classic
18 X 6 Prop

Russ Watt's
Ultimate Bipe

Bob Fiely's Aeromaster

Kevin Olson's Extra 300L

Kevin added a little "Cheesecake"

Frank Hunleth and his SIG Extra

George Cooper and his Park Flyer on Floats!

Bill Hancock launches his Gypsy Moth!

Mark Jameson and his Extra 300L

Don Fitch and his E-Pusher!

John DeShields and his Twist!

John Key and a T-34

Walt Wilson and a Four-Star 40!

Bill Lindewirth at SLRCFA Fun Fly!

Bill and Walt Wilson at SLRCFA!

Bill and Walt at SLRCFA Fun Fly!

Chad Schrieber and his Four-Star 40!

The bottom side!

Don Fitch and his "Miss Steak"
"Miss Steak" take-off Movie!

Earl Acker and his Four-Star 60 "Twin"

George Cooper and his electric "Splash"

Doing Touch and Go!


Ralph Amelung's "Seamaster" doing the SnowMaster thing!

Having fun...enjoying a beautiful blue sky!

Ralph just had to have "More Power"!

George and his E-Dawg

E-Dawg on Skis

Skis for E-Dawg
 2 oz. total weight

Ski Rigging

Tail Ski

Dale Lankford and his first electric!

George Coopers "hot" Funtana

Look closely at the battery!

George hit the ground and the LiPo battery got punctured and...

caught on fire!  Good padding is a must!

Ralph needs a larger home, with larger doors!

George Cooper's
 Top-Flite Nobler

Great Color Scheme!

RCNTSB ANALYSIS: Engine quit on downwind, about 7 MPH wind. Hard left turn with full left rudder caused left wing to stall and plane in a nose down spiral contacted terrain. Pilot unhurt, airplane totaled. Now Ralph no longer needs a new door in his kitchen.

Walt Wilson's latest creation...a 60% electric Four-Star-40 which makes it a

Mark Richard's Skybolt is almost done!

Ready to fly this fall!

That's a good-looking color scheme.


Well, it's Fall and it is finished and flown!

See the leaves!

Here's Mark!

Mark's converted Guillows Thomas Morse Scout!

Converted to electric!

Mark's Christmas present from his wife...a MX400 Electric Helicopter!

Mark's "Spicy Sportster"

George Cooper's AK Models P-51 with a Magnum .91 4 stroke!

First Flight!

Great looking P-51 ARF!

Frank Nolle's Pitts

It's 1/3 scale

Powered by a Brison 2.4

Swings a Mejzlik
20 X 8

Don Fitch's Latest Foamie Flying Wing under construction.

Jeff's Corsair on maiden flight!

Jeff Muhs B-25 and Sandy


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