Marcus Blanchard Wins the 2002 Quickie 500 NATS!

Marcus is a former member of the Spirits who learned to fly Quickie 500 here in St. Louis.  He formerly worked for McDonnell Aircraft, but got a job offer in Ohio that was too good to refuse. Ohio is "the hot bed" of pylon racing. Marcus has come a long way...he is also very competitive in the Q40 event!  Way to go Marcus!

Marcus ran an 8 3/4 X 9 1/4 prop to be compatible with the weather conditions at the  NATS. His Nelson engine was turning a comfortable 19,400 at launch. His caller is Mike Condon.

Below are the top ten winners/competition that Marcus flew against...the top names in pylon racing.  Looks like the "Vortex" is the current aircraft of choice, and of course a Nelson, or Jett engine.

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