At the Field 2009

Chris Peck...a budding engineer and the "A2"airplane his team designed and built.

This is a St Louis Parks College project.
His Dad on right and fellow engineering team  member. Notice the Flag is straight out.

Chris and his team had to design & build an electric powered  vehicle that fit in a 2' X 2' X 4' box.

It had to take off and drop, individually, 4 Estes inert rockets

Vehicle was to be sent to Arizona on the next day after getting a flight picture.  They waited to the last minute.  They also came out on Saturday...had to go back, and do a lot of rework.

Winds were 20- 25 MPH!!! on a cool, very windy, April 12th!

Vehicle was under-powered and way overweight...did about 4 MPH at full power on ground.  A valiant effort though...they learned a lot!

Joe Moceri, long time model power boater looking to join our club and do some flying.

Jeff Muhs and his B-25 Mitchell bomber

Jedidiah Milster being congratulated  by Bob Gizzie on soloing.

In remembrance...

tradition begins...

back of shirt is cut away!

Jeff Bohrer's
F-106 taxiing out

Electric Ducted Fan

It's off...

It's small...

On final...

Setting down

Tom Foster, Pete Stephans, John Smith, builders

of our new heli hovering pad

Greg Bohrer's Mig-21 starts take-off roll


...climb out...

...go for the moon!

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