Walt Wilson's B-24


"Photos by Carolyn Schlueter, Walt Wilson and Don Fitch

Walt Wilson with his B-24J Liberator "Buzz Job"

Here are some pix of my B-24. My late wife, Suzi, gave the Jack Stafford kit to me for our 25th anniversary in 1982. I started building it then got off on other projects for the following 30 years or so. She kept asking when I would finish it and I promised I would, but kept putting it off because of other interests. I originally planned to power it with four Veco .19's and bought four, then decided on O.S. .25's, so bought a set of them. When I got into electrics, I decided that was the way to go, so sold the glow engines. It has four Hobby King NTM 3530-1400kv motors with 50 amp ESC's. It has flaps, electric retracts, and a retractable belly turret. It started life as a pile of balsa and plywood with foam wing cores. I scratch-built all the turrets and cockpit interior. I fiber-glassed and finished it with Rustoleum primer and camouflage paint. It has seven servos, three receivers and batteries, and weighs 14 lbs., 13 ounces ready to fly. It's fully capable of flight, but we didn't actually fly it because of sentimental value and fear of destroying it. I modified the in-flight pix in Photoshop. Carolyn Schlueter and Don Fitch took most of the pix, so please give them credit. Also, thanks to Paul Geders, Steve Collins, and Dennis Skeeters for their invaluable help at the field. Cheers Walt  Click for youtube video


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