Spirits' Flight Training Program


The purpose of any model aircraft instruction program is to assist and offer direction to new pilots while they safely learn the hobby. This program is no different. The ideas and requirements set forth in this document are intended to make us better instructors, help newcomers learn more completely, and ensure that as an Introductory Pilot Instructor you comply with all The Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club, Inc., hereafter known as "The Spirits" and AMA procedures and regulations. Additionally, this contains a compilation of selected documents, procedures and regulations set forth by the AMA and the Spirits pertaining to model aircraft flight instruction, introductory flights, and general flight safety.

One of the best ways to get someone interested in model aviation is to give them the opportunity to fly a model plane. The Spirits have at least two events a year in which we invite newcomers to experience model aviation by controlling a model aircraft themselves. Typically, during Boy Scout day and our Annual Open House, we introduce dozens of prospective new pilots and new members to the hobby. It is you, the Instructor Pilot, that makes this impression last and helps develop the desire for them to continue with the hobby.

It is imperative that when we introduce these prospective members to model aviation that their first impression is a positive one. We hope to increase the prospective member's interest in the hobby and our club through standardization of our instruction program, readiness of our training aircraft, condition of our field, and positive communication from our Introductory Pilot Instructors.

Instructors participating in this program are expected to comply with the guidelines and regulations set forth herein. These guidelines are not intended to restrict any particular instruction style. They are set in place in order to present a standardized appearance to newcomers and comply with The Spirits and AMA regulations.

Word Usage

Within this program certain words have special meaning. Below is a list of those words and the specific meaning that shall be applied to that word as it occurs within this document:

Shall- Is used to indicate a mandatory requirement.

Should- Is used indicate a non-mandatory but preferred method of accomplishment.

May- Is used to indicate an acceptable method of accomplishment

Warning - An operating procedure, practice, etc., which if not correctly followed, could result in personal injury or loss of life.

Caution - An operating procedure, practice, etc., which, if not strictly observed, could result in damage to, or destruction of, equipment.

Note - An operating procedure, condition, etc., which is essential to highlight.

Newcomer - An individual that participates in an intro flight and has not been a previous member of The Spirits

Introductory Pilot Instructor -A current AMA member, a current member in good standing with The Spirits, and recognized by the AMA as an Introductory Pilot Instructor.

Flight Instructor- A current member in good standing with The Spirits recognized as an individual with the necessary qualifications to perform duties as a flight instructor. The Flight Instructor is not allowed to conduct intro flights.

Introductory Flight or Intro Flight - Any flight in which flight instruction is given to a newcomer.


The goals of this program are:

Provide the Flight Instructor with a basic understanding of how and why people learn.

Discuss some techniques of instruction and evaluation.

Ensure compliance with Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) insurance requirements.

Standardize flight instruction techniques used at The Spirits field

Comply with The Spirits safety and regulatory policies.

Comply with AMA safety policies.

Meet or exceed the requirements of an AMA Gold Leader Club.


The following documents are referenced in whole or part by this program of instruction and shall take precedence over any policy stated within this document:

· AMA document 105, National Model Aircraft Safety Code

· AMA document 708, Leader Club Award Application

· AMA document 911, Flying at AMA Chartered Club Sites

· AMA document number 917, Intro Pilot Program and Application

· AMA document number 921, Introductory Pilot Instructor Criteria

· AMA document manual, Membership Manual

· AMA document guide, Newcomers Guide

· Bylaws, December 14, 2011, The Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club, Inc.

· Constitution, The Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club, Inc.

· Safety Rules, December 14, 2011, The Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club, Inc.

· Field Layout, 2011, The Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club, Inc.

· One Week to Solo, 2005, 1st U.S. R/C Flight School

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· Spirits' Flight Training Program, 2012, The Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club, Inc.

· Spirits' Flight Instructor Roster, 2012

· Spirits/AMA Form 2, Newcomer registration form.

· Recommended Beginner Kits


Always check for updated versions of these documents at the AMA and Spirits' websites.