This collection of interesting aviation information was originally compiled by Spirits' long time member and previous Webmaster, Paul Geders.  It is a very interesting collection of RC aviation, WWII aviation, full scale aviation, tips, processes, procedures and unlimited enjoyment.  We at Spirits urge you to take a look at this collection and marvel at the aviation information herein.

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Some of these links are to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  If you do not have a compatible program installed they will not open.  Those links are marked with the MS Excel logo.Excel

Excel Spreadsheet based calculators Excel

Battery Charging Calculator Excel by Paul Geders

RC Calc-Red Excel by Ed Moorman (This program contains 19 different useful R/C calculators, select them by using the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.)

Servo Torque Calculator Excel by Craig Tenney

Fuel Mixing Excel by Paul Geders

2-Pylon Race Course Calculator by Excel Paul Geders

Speed on 2 Pylon Course Related to Lap Times by Excel Paul Geders and Vic Bunze

Flight-Time-vs-Fuel-Burn-Rate Excelby Paul Geders

FPV (First Person Viewer)

Pan and tilt mount for GoPro or other small camera by Flite Test

Servo Info

Advantages of Digital Servos by FUTABA

The Servo Chart by Andy Carr, use to look up almost any old or new servo to determine torque and other interesting information

Engines and Flight Performance

Convert a 2-bladed Prop to a 3 or 4-Bladed by Paul Geders

Facts about Fuel by Don Nix

Glow Plug Information author unknown

How to Adjust a 2-Needle Carb by Paul Geders

Model Engine Torque Wrench Specs JS Technology, Inc.

Model Flight Performance Chart by George Cooper

Wing Loading by George Cooper

Propeller Chart 2 & 4-Stroke Engines author unknown

Rear carb, Throttle Setup by Paul Geders

Winterizing Engines by Paul Geders

Tuned pipe calculator by Martin Hepperle

Balance a 2-bladed prop by Horizon Hobby (video)

Balance a 3-bladed Prop by Brit Charmin RC video

Aerodynamics and Weight & Balance

Aerodynamics of Model Aircraft by Martin Hepperle

Aircraft CG by NASA

Balance/Center of Gravity by Paul Geders

CG Calculator by Geistware of Indiana

Pylon Racing Lap Counter Plans by Wayne Yeager

Wing Center of Pressure Calculations by NASA

Other Useful Links a great site for model screws, bolts and hardware

The Complete R/C Model Airplane FAQ site! by

72 MHz Quarter Wave Antenna Length Calculator by

Solartrim Insignia Booklet by Solarfilm

Pro-Mark Graphics Website

Unbelievable Source of Information from 3-views, Color Schemes, Aviation Posters, Pictures, Artwork, to Walk-Arounds.  When you log in be sure to click on the British Flag on the left hand column to convert that menu to English.

Free Plans Service You can download any one of more than 1500 model aircraft plans into a PDF file and take it to Staples, or FedEx Kinko's and have your plans run off at any size you desire.

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Dept. of Aerospace Engineering.  Recently uploaded low Reynolds number propeller performance data from wind tunnel tests.   The tests include small propellers from APC, Graupner, GWS, Kyosho, and Master Airscrew.  Over 100 propellers have been tested, and so far data for 80 propellers is online, click here.  Details about the tests were recently published: AIAA 2011-1255.pdf

Uncle Willies Plans This is where you can buy laser cut kits and look at plans of old models/kits.

Craftsmanship Museum

Some of these links are PowerPoint Slide Shows, they should run without any issues on mist computer systems.  If you have any problems please send the Webmaster a note. Thank You, the Spirits!

Amazing WWII Aircraft Facts author unknown

Gathering of Mustangs & Legends 2007 author unknown

On a Wing and a Prayer author unknown

For a site that provides good reference data , identifies national aircraft museums, etc. or, just some good browsing.  See Warbird Alley

B-29's and P-51's Over Japan They sure paved the way for us to experience (and live) the freedoms that we certainly would not have were it not for them...regrettably, so many of today's generations have so little -- or no -- awareness of the fragility (and cost and blessings) of freedom.  This WWII video is 36 minutes long and the documentary follows a B-29 mission over Japan.  This is live footage of the 3,000 mile round trip air assault upon the Japanese mainland, with 3 bomber wings and a host of P-51's.  A great compilation of combat footage from WWII.  For those who would like to trace the dots from Pearl Harbor in 1941 back to Japan in 1945 -- the Last Bomb.

"FIFI" Goes to Oshkosh

Chino Air Show a link to a website with mountains of information regarding Ace pilots from WWII and WWII aircraft history and other facts.  Definitely worth a look.

WWII in photos a link to "the Atlantic" website that has a 20 part retrospective on WWII.  A lot on interesting WWII aircraft pictured here.

Pre-WWII Aircraft,  Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum 2008

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